Friday, March 27, 2015

How Your Ecommerce Software Help You Get Your First Sale

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You have an online store, the best products and everything you need to sell online, but the question still remains the same, how can I get my first sale? Well, the good news is that your Best eCommerce platform offers you multiple features that can help you in getting sales. Want to know, what are these? Read this blog

How to Get First Sales for Your Online Store?

1)      Word Of Mouth
Spread the news about your recently launched online store. Communicate it to your family, relatives and friends either in person or digitally. You can do so by sending links through your eCommerce software, to them on Facebook and WhatsApp. A good word of mouth spreads like wildfire. So, start from your home and get the momentum going.

2)      Email Marketing
Create a pre launch list of people and connect to them by sending e-mails. These will be the most qualified leads as they are the first ones to show interest. The email marketing app provided by your eCommerce software will enable you to send emails to a large number of people in no time.

3)      Coupon Marketing
Discounts and coupons are mostly used to get sales. Entice your potential customers by giving them discounts and offers on products you sell. Create and manage your coupons with coupon marketing tools provided by your eCommerce website builder. It is a great way to get your sales.

4)      Social Mediums
 One of the trending ways to sell your products is through social media. Your Best eCommerce platform offers social media apps that enable you to sell socially. With many of the online shoppers being socially active, it is the easiest way to reach them. You can get first sales by targeting your Facebook friends, those who are interested in buying your products. You can further post in groups and connect through other mediums like WhatsApp.

5)      Sell On Multiple Marketplaces
The more your products will be exposed to marketplaces, the more they will sell. So your eCommerce software should be integrated with leading market places so get your products are synced and then sold.

Other than these unpaid means, you can also shift to paid means of advertisements like running ads on Facebook and Google. You can choose your budget and target audience and run paid advertisements accordingly.

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