Thursday, April 2, 2015

Why Create Online Store And Not Sell On Marketplaces

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In this era of e-commerce industry, the question “whether to sell online or not?” is a past, what is relevant now is “ should I create an online store or sell on marketplaces?”  The answer is, to grow and sustain the business, you should create an online store as it is a key to customer acquisition and brand management.

Here are some reasons why you should say “yes” and create online store.

1)      Develop Your Brand
If you are new to the industry and people don’t recognize your brand, you should create an online store. This is because to build a brand is not possible after a certain extent when you sell at marketplaces. Also, you have all the control over your brand and content when you create online store with the best ecommerce platform. When you sell at marketplaces, you will have to comply to marketplace regulations and formats necessarily. Having your own online store gives you the freedom to present your products in whatever way you want to. You can create a blog, product videos or display new products and create a brand in the most suitable manner. With the best ecommerce platform you can create online store for free.

2)      Creates Customer Base
One of the biggest advantage of  your own online store is that you have your own customer base. Whenever anybody buys from you, you get all the details and he/she becomes your customer. You get to know what is your customer base and thus you can devise strategies to target them. You can customize offers to attract them, which is not possible at a marketplace as you don’t have control over the details of your customers. The best eCommerce platform provides you analytical tools so that you can perform better visitor tracking.

3)      Control Promotions
When you have your own online store, you can control all the discounts, and promotional offers. Promotions are important to boost sales, increase customer base and clear excess inventory. In a market place you are one among many brands, trying to attract customers. Promotions are the best way to increase conversion rates and build brand loyalty.  You don’t have to worry about the timings of your promotion, if you have excess stock or you want to offer discounts, in case you have an online store. But at a marketplace, you have to comply with the promotional timings and other policies.

4)      More Profit Margins
The profit margins in an online store are more than what you get from a marketplace. This is because marketplaces work on commission model, that means a percentage of your sales have to be given back. Whereas in your own online store whatever you earn is yours. So, earn more by creating an online store for free.
Remember that you are not chained to choose either of the two, you can sell in both ways. You can sell products at a marketplace to drive sales to your online store. Using both the options in the beginning would be a great idea. So choose the best ecommerce platform that allows you to create online store, and it is integrated with major market places. This way your products will be visible both places. So create an online store today.

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