Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Top Reasons To Create An Online Store

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To be online or not to be online is the question many bricks and mortar owners  and new startups keep on asking themselves. It was said that companies that are not online by 2007, may extinct. This may seem exaggerated, but the current eCommerce scenario does prove this statement. With an average growth of eCommerce around 25% per year, almost 81% of the small businesses have opted to  create online store.  These small firms are able to generate more profits because of implementation of various online marketing and sales techniques.

With millions of people searching  the internet every day for new products and services, the scope of online shopping is increasing day by day. Internet has been the best platform for awareness and is also responsible for  boosting eCommerce.  Buying and selling has been simplified and made convenient, as people can shop anytime and anywhere with no time or place barriers.

If this doesn’t convince you, here are some reasons why you should create online store.

1)      Low Start Up And Running Costs
The cost  incurred in creating an online store is very less as compared to an offline store. With many low cost tools available these days, you can easily create an online store  from the scratch. It does not need a gold pot to build a website. Many eCommerce platforms, allow you to choose from a variety of templates with full fledged features which will help you go online. You can also cut costs in running and managing your online store by streamlining business processes like shipping, billing, collecting payments. You can further expand your product range and online store without any large expenses, which is not possible offline.

2)      No Time Barriers
Is there any other way to make sales while others are sleeping? I don’t think so!  The biggest advantage to create an online store is that you are open 24 hours round the year. You are able to do business all the time, without any extra efforts or money. Your customers can visit your store anytime, without any time restrictions.  This means, you are maximizing your sales and profits without a break.

3)      Better Customer Support
Customer support is one of the basic principles of any business. Thanks to the internet technology, you can make information easily available to customers in an effective manner. This will increase customer satisfaction and profitability. You can also handle queries and grievances in real time so that your customer does not switch to your competitors. You can also communicate product or company related changes to your customers in just a few hours.

4)      No Geographical Restrictions
Ecommerce website removes geographical barriers  that are normally faced in an offline business. You can be anywhere in the world, and still your business will run successfully.  Your business can be operated from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection, phone and access to emails. You can also become a global player with nominal fee.

Getting online is the need of the hour. With its endless benefits, you have all the reasons to create an online store

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