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Your marketing activities start after you create an online store. You should have a well planned marketing structure to make your customers aware of your eCommerce website. To stay ahead in the competition, select the best ecommerce platform, to build an eCommerce website. This way you will have several forms of marketing to promote your store.

Simple and Effective Marketing Tools For Online Store

1)      SEO
Search engine optimization is an excellent way to rank your website well in the most popular search engines. You need to have good quality content with popular keywords. SEO is a way of increasing the visibility of your website in a very natural way. It is an unpaid form that increases the relevance and removes indexing barriers.  If you create an online store which is ready for search engine, then it will automatically increase the size of the visitors.

A way of getting traffic to your website, after you create an online store is by teaming up with other companies. Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing which uses less orthodox techniques. Unlike the traditional way of marketing, affiliate marketing is more based on trust and personal relationships through which sales are driven

It is the process of getting traffic to your website through social media. Social media helps to create links that in turn help boost SEO. Connecting through social media is a way to create links, connect to your customers, handling grievances and getting feedback. While the majority of people connected socially, social media tool is important after you create an online store.

It is one of the most popular content marketing strategy in which you create a small and attractive video for your product exposure. Here, you can demonstrate any technical product, introduction to your business and many more. Not only it attracts customers, but it also helps in ranking on search engines.

5)      BLOGGING
Blogs are good sources of information that address some problem faced by your buyers. After you create online store, it is important that your website has informative blogs which helps drive more traffic. With the use of rich content, pictures, statistics and infographics, even a dull topic can be brought to life. Make you blogs are interactive so that your readers can comment their views easily.

Email marketing includes sending e-mails on a large scale. It covers large audience within a minimal cost. You can send e-mail to present customer base, the prospect customers or just for the purpose of advertisement. It helps to enhance long term relationships with customers and to build customer loyalty. Email marketing can be done by sending transactional emails or direct mails.


Although the basic goal of e-commerce site is to sell products, but the main purpose of all the marketing efforts is to provide customers with meaningful information that interests them. So provide content that attracts your customer and prompts purchasing behavior after you create an online store.

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