Friday, February 27, 2015

Do’s And Don’ts Of How To Create An Online Store

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To create online store can be a bit overwhelming. After all, a number of factors have to be considered. Your site should be the best, be it in your products or layout, everything should be interesting enough to capture viewer’s attention. You need to get thorough about the ecommerce market which you are going to target. So, proper care should be taken as to what has to be done and what has to be avoided. All this is done basically in the planning stage, much before the real create an online store stage, to keep your business ahead in the competition.

To get started, we have discussed some important things that you should implement while you setting up an ecommerce website.

1) Keep Low Shipping Costs
People respond to free shipping more than they respond to discounts. You should always try to keep your shipping costs low (or even free). Why? Because you don’t want to lose your customers because of unexpected high shipping charges.

2) Focus On Payment Security
While making payments online, customers are always concerned about security. They should be provided with payment options like COD, which is in huge demand. Also, safe payment options should be made available to the customers. You can show security certifications throughout the payment process to gain your customer’s trust.

3) List Your Brand Policies Clearly
Your policies should be very clear. The return policy, exchange or shipping policies should be mentioned explicitly and any timelines about returns or exchange of products should be clearly stated. In case of any confusion, customer care number should be provided.
After the do’s, it is the turn of the don’ts while you create online store.

1)    No Use Of Puffery
It is important to give detailed and honest information about your products to your customers. All the necessary information for decision making should be provided to the customer. However, at the same time exaggeration and hyperbole should be avoided. Be transparent about product specifications. This helps in gaining customer trust.

2)    Don’t Generalize Products:-
To start with, you can have broad general categories of products, but eventually narrow down your products into specific categories. This will help your customers to search easily for the specific products you are looking for. First group your products on a general basis like gender and age group and then on the basis like style or function.

3)    Don’t Spam
It is always a privilege to have your customer’s contact information. You should be in touch with your customers in order to build lasting relations, but this doesn’t mean that you can bombard your customer with e-mails, social media posts or catalogs. The customer will revoke if you do so. You should have a plan as how frequently customers have to be reached.

Enforcing certain things and avoiding the other can be of great use, once you create an online store.

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